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What is a lock pin?

A lock pin is an important component in many types of locks and acts as a connection between the different parts of the lock. Lock pins help ensure the lock works properly and provide an extra level of security.

Latches can be made of various materials, but the most popular are metal, such as steel or brass. These materials offer a balance between durability and corrosion resistance.

Lock pins from ÅSCO Metall

We at ÅSCO Metall have specialized in manufacturing high-quality locking pins. We use the latest technology and the best materials to offer products that exceed customer expectations.

Advantages of choosing locking pins from ÅSCO Metall

High quality

The locking pins from ÅSCO Metall are made of high-quality materials that are carefully selected to offer the best possible performance and durability. The company's long experience and expertise in the field guarantee a product of the highest quality.

Long service life

ÅSCO Metall's locking pins are designed to be long-lasting and withstand daily use without wearing out. This means you can trust that your locks will work efficiently and safely for a long time.

Areas of use

In industry, there are many areas of use for locking pins from ÅSCO Metall. They can be used in machine locks, warehouses and safety boxes, to name a few examples.

Different models of ÅSCO Metall's locking pins

Standard models
We offer a range of standard models of locking pins to suit most locks and applications. These locking pins are designed to provide a high level of security and functionality.

Specially designed locking pins
If you have specific needs or requirements, we can also offer specially designed locking pins. These locking pins can be customized according to your wishes and guarantee a perfect fit and function for your lock.

Contact us when ordering locking pins

Our locking pins are an excellent choice for those who want high-quality and reliable locking pins for their locks. With a long service life, easy installation and many areas of use, they are an obvious choice for anyone who values safety and quality. Regardless of whether you need standard models or specially designed locking pins, we at ÅSCO Metall can offer a solution that fits your needs.

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